Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleveland Cavs get their Snuggies on

Oh the wild and wacky NBA, kind of hard up for cash they might be resorting to minor league-esque promotions to get people into the season. While I don't think the Cavs will have any problem getting fans with Lebron James, they are certainly going where no snuggie has gone before.

An anticipated sellout crowd of 20,562 fans will receive a complimentary limited edition Cleveland Cavaliers Snuggie™ blanket courtesy of KeyBank that will be conveniently draped over every seat in the arena. Fans will be asked to wear their Snuggie™ blanket for the first five minutes of the game. In attendance will be Guinness World Records® Adjudicator Danny Girton who will then officially certify the new record. Once the record is achieved, every fan will receive a commemorative magnet certificate that will acknowledge they are a Guinness World Record holder.

Um really, the NBA... where snuggies happen!

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