Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to tell if your college conference is a joke

After watching a lot of the Pac-10 Tournament, I have to say that the conference is a big joke. Ugly game after ugly game and even though it's cool that Washington won, I'm pretty sure they're gonna get a 16-seed in the NCAA Tourney. Here are some signs your conference sucks...

1. The conference basketball championship tournament is played in the Toyota Center in the Tri-Cities and you can't sell half the seats in the arena.

2. Instead of getting a bid to the NCAA Tournament, your team receives a check from the Publishers Clearing House for thirty dollars.

3. When your conference talks about expansion, it names schools like "The Community Colleges of California" and "East West North Montana State College for Canadian Citizens."

4. To boost attendance, your conference suggests dime beer night. On college campuses. For women's games.

5. The best player in the conference is Gary Coleman.

6. Your conference's baseball league consists of fat guys playing softball.

7. Your conference's top Bowl Game invite also doubles as a chance for your school's intramural football team to work on their flag grabbing skills.

8. The conference website is just a Craigslist Ad.

9. The best part about the conference? The refs are extremely overweight and easy to heckle.

10. Washington St. is dominating your conference in the football standings.

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