Thursday, March 18, 2010

What the Seattle PI has to say about Gonzaga-FSU

We like to keep you updated on what people are saying about Gonzaga vs. FSU. This comes from Scott Cushing of the Seattle PI...

Here's the thing, if this FSU team plays this hyper-aggressive defensive, that may actually play into Gonzaga's hands, because a player like Bouldin, and an overall intelligent team like Gonzaga can take advantage of that by moving without the ball and cutting toward the basket if FSU overplays. Also, they have the size to deal with 7'1 Solomon Alabi, (7'0 Robert Sacre and 7'5 Will Foster) something most teams don't have. However, in order for Gonzaga to make any kind of sustained run in the tournament, Steven Gray needs to shoot better from distance. With a shot as good-looking as his (and it's like a sopping wet washcloth), it's inexcusable that he's hitting only 33%. They need him to start raining. 

Any thoughts about this?

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