Thursday, April 22, 2010

GSL Announces Scholar Athlete Awards

The Greater Spokane League is proud to announce the highest awards handed out by the league each year. Winners of GSL Scholar/Athlete Awards for 2009/10 will be recognized at the annual award luncheon on Thursday, April 22nd, at the Spokane Club in downtown Spokane. Winners, athletic administrators, and school principals will be available at 1:15 PM for interviews and photos after the luncheon at the Spokane Club or photos and video may be shot during the presentations from 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM.

Each year the GSL recognizes students who excel in the classroom, community and athletics. A male and female student is recognized from each school. This year’s winners are:

Central Valley High School

* Becky White has a 3.83 GPA varsity letters; four in Slowpitch Softball and four in fastpitch Softball
* Tanner Markham has a 3.73 GPA seven varsity letters; four in track & field and three in basketball

East Valley High School

* Christina Nelson has a 3.814 GPA eight varsity letters; 3 in soccer, one in track and one in basketball and 3 as football manager
* Braxton Ball has a 3.7 GPA eight varsity letters; 4 in football and 4 in basketball

Ferris High School

* Macy McLauchlin has a 3.83 GPA, six varsity letters; four in tennis and two in volleyball
* Jason Bates has a 3.54 GPA six varsity letters; 3 in football and 3 in basketball

Gonzaga Prep High School

* Alicia Doohan has a 3.67 GPA eight varsity letters; four in cross country and four in track
* Ryan Nicholas has a 3.85 GPA, 3 varsity letters in basketball

Lewis and Clark High School

* Megan Bech has a 3.85 GPA varsity letters; 4 in soccer, 3 in basketball and 4 in track
* Sage Poland has a 3.53 GPA 6 varsity letters; 4 in baseball and 2 in basketball

Mead High School

* Jill Pecka has a 4.0 GPA eight varsity letters; 4 in soccer and 4 in softball
* Jake Trotter has a 4.0 GPA earned 7 varsity letters; 4 in wrestling and 3 in football

Mt. Spokane High School

* Holleigh Bergstrom has a 4.0 GPA, 12 varsity letters; 4 in soccer, 4 in basketball, and 4 in track
* Taylor Jordan has a 3.917 GPA three varsity letters; two in tennis and one in cross country

North Central High School

* Christy Grorud has a 4.0 GPA nine varsity letters; two in track, 3 in cheerleading and 4 in gymnastics
* Tanner Robinson has a 4.0 GPA 5 varsity letters; 2 in Cross Country and 3 in Wrestling

John R. Rogers High School

* Devann Burney has a 3.8 GPA 8 varsity letters; 4 in fastpitch softball. 3 in volleyball and 1 year as a cheerleader
* Jordan Burns has a 3.978 GPA, 4 varsity letters; 3 in football and 1 in track

Shadle Park High School

* Andrea Nelson has a 3.9 GPA 8 varsity letters; 4 in cross country and 3 so far in track and field
* James Kent has a 4.0 GPA, 3 varsity letters; 2 in baseball and 1 in cross country

University High School

* Dakota Schiermeister has a 3.91 GPA, 11 varsity letters; 4 in Softball, 4 in Basketball and 3 in Volleyball
* Tony Tabish has a 3.92 GPA 8 varsity letters; 3 in football, 3 in basketball and 2 in baseball

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