Wednesday, April 7, 2010

William and Mary is freaking us out a little

On the show today we talked about William and Mary changing their mascot to a griffin. Now anyone who plays World of Warcraft will immediately know what the heck this college is talking about, however everyone else is subsequently freaked out by this monster.

I mean what the hell is this thing?

The school president said it "speaks to our deep roots in American history," which makes complete sense since our country was founded by numerous half-eagle, half lion men. I think I saw one at Walmart the other night.

This of course follows a long line of universities that have changed their mascots including Eastern Washington University which was originally called the "Savages" (Obviously not the most sensitive mascot ever) but decided to go with the "Eagles" in the seventies, which is kind of like a Griffin, but without all the weirdness.

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