Monday, May 17, 2010

The Preakness Potty Run

What's the best event to get drunk at?

Football game? Nah you don't want some Pop Warner football parent to get made at you for ruining their child's exposure to pro football. I mean a loud, drunk person is way different than a loud, angry parent right?

Baseball game? Nah, you might get sick when you have to do the Chicken Dance in the eighth inning.

Hockey game? You don't really want to die from a wayward puck right?

Soccer game? No I was drunk and I ended up trying to steal fries from an Iranian man and his kid, not my proudest moment.

The answer is The PREAKNESS! This horse race in the fine state of Maryland is awesome, mainly because the infield consists of drunk people from Baltimore and College Park. Sheer mayhem and hi-jinks ensues.

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