Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh those North Koreans...

When they're not sinking South Korean ships, they're cheating before the World Cup starts. You'd think that coming up with a roster wouldn't be too terrible difficult but the North Koreans ended up messing up roster rules set by FIFA.

North Korea, also known as The Bad Korea, tried to pull a fast one on FIFA, listing one of their strikers as a goalkeeper, in essence gaining an extra roster spot. It didn't work.

Kim Myong-won was put on the DRPK's final 23-man roster, as the third goalie. North Korea had better hope their first two stay healthy, because Kim isn't actually a goalie. He's a striker, who the defensive-minded Chollima were counting on to provide a little extra offense. They apparently listed him without first consulting with FIFA to see if that was legal.

A goalie as a striker? Perhaps the US should employ that strategy against England, it might throw them off. As for North Korea, well just continue to be weird...

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