Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons why you're still single... beach ball guy

You're sitting an enjoying a perfectly good sporting event with a big crowd and this guy shows up. He looks around for ushers. He pulls something out of his pocket. He blows it up.

... and for the next 20 minutes, the game is ruined because this damned beach ball is bouncing in front of you.

What is this? 1994? Beach balls are stadiums are not only outdated but they're also annoying. It's like the wave but less social. And what if I don't want to hit the ball around? Beach ball guy, I hope you die a long, painful death.


  1. Once again, you could not be more wrong.

    Beach Balls at sporting events are 100% awesome.

    There is nothing better than watching some minimum-wage security person waiting to grab the beach ball--only to have a drunkard hit it the other direction.

    When the ball reaches the field, it gets better... will the fielder pop it? throw it back into stands?

    Why do you hate fun?

  2. Brandon, you've totally missed the boat on this one buddy. Beach balls are fantastic and should be a lasting tradition, whilst the wave should die a fiery death.

    Mr. Black brought some solid points to the table, another one I will add is the challenge of sneaking the beach ball in and inflating it without getting caught. This takes foresight and planning that streaking on the field can't match.

    Loosen up Brandon. Maybe you should get a beach ball going in the studio.