Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gordon: Utah Booed Tube Socks Off Stockton Too

There was much consternation among Utah Jazz fans when their club selected Gordon Hayward three months ago with the team’s first selection of the 2010 NBA Draft.

Actually, forget consternation. Jazz fans booed like schoolchildren at the team’s draft party at Energy Solutions Arena that night. But after watching Hayward during summer league in Orlando, coach Jerry Sloan made an auspicious comparison to the SALT LAKE DESERET NEWS - via
Coach Jerry Sloan had high praise for Gordon Hayward (ninth pick) after watching him in Orlando. “He’s not a mistake-free player. This is a game of mistakes. He’ll make a mistake here or there. But he just plays. He just plays basketball. We had another guy here years ago who did the same thing, and he ended up being a pretty good player — John Stockton. I don’t mean to put that kind of pressure on [Hayward], but he plays.”

Comparing any first year player to Stockton is absurd, but at the very least Sloan is already at least half right.

Like Hayward last June, Utah fans booed the tube socks off Stockton when he was taken by GM Frank Layden in 1984.

Source: SportsbyBrooks

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