Friday, February 26, 2010

2-26 Show recap

A couple of things interrupted the show today. Well more than a couple things. We decided to stop the show everytime the US Hockey Team scored a goal against Finland, which turned out to be quite frequently as the team jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first period.

Brandon had to put his digs in against Gonzaga fans leaving early during the Santa Clara game last night, as well as a lackluster student section. Please don't him with your car if you see him on the streets, he has a red hair and is bitter.

Zach from Slipper Still Fits joined us to talk about the Santa Clara dismantling by Gonzaga and you can catch the audio from the interview here.

The Spokane Chiefs also released their Top 25 Chiefs in 25 Years team, and here's who made the roster...

27-Drayson Bowman (05-09)
12- Chris Bruton (04-08)
20-Valeri Bure (91-94)
10-Brandin Cote (96-02)
2-Jared Cowen (06-10)
15-Justin Falk (05-08)
19-Pat Falloon (88-91)
15-Brent Gilchrist (85-87)
18-Travis Green (86-90)
9-Tyler Johnson (07-10)
37-Trevor Kidd (90-91)
4-Jon Klemm (88-91)
20-Greg Leeb (94-98)
4-Bryan McCabe (92-95)
17-Jason Podollan (91-96)
11-Derek Ryan (03-07)
34-Kurt Sauer (99-02)
25-Kevin Sawyer (92-95)
25- Derek Schutz (94-00)
18-Jared Spurgeon (05-10)
34-Dustin Tokarski (06-09)
17-Kerry Toporowski (89-91)
14-Mitch Wahl (05-10)
14-Trent Whitfield (93-98)
14-Ray Whitney (88-91)

We talked to Kerry Toporowski and Derek Ryan. Click on their names to get the audio of the interviews we had with them.

With WSU playing UW this weekend in Men's Basketball, we had to have our good friend from the Seattle Times, Percy Harvin, come on the show and break down some Pac-10 basketball. You can listen to what he had to say here.

We'll be back on Monday, tune in to Sports Radio 1510 AM KGA!

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