Thursday, April 8, 2010

4-8-10 Show Recap

It was our last show in the 12-2pm slot as we'll be changing to a 4-6pm slot of 1510 AM KGA, and there was plenty of tears to go around when we remembered all the good times we had during our lunchtime lunacy.

We got to talk to Robert Roberts (AKA the Manito Dynamo) about the Bigger Dance and what good-looking women he thought had a good chance of winning it all. You can get his breakdown of Braketology here.

Then we moved into football talk as Idaho head coach Rob Akey joined us and talked about the Vandals this season after breaking out onto the national stage last year with a magical season. You can here what he had to say here. (And yes, he does say Go Vandals!)

And we got a good rundown from the GSL Insider and what to look for when it comes to high school baseball in Spokane. You can listen to his interview here.

We'll be back on Monday (No show tomorrow), and remember we'll have a new time at 4-6pm. Tune in!

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