Monday, April 26, 2010

Case of the Mondays: What we did last week on the show

Think you're having a case of the Mondays? How about being known as the Phillies Vomit Fan as this guy to the right is known. We already covered this story, as he puked on an 11-year old girl at a Phillies game (You stay classy Philadelphia), but I find it funny that he's becoming something on an internet phenom. Check this out, Phillies Vomit Fan singing karaoke.

It's gold ladies and gentlemen. Pure gold!

Anyways, here is the week recap of the show. And if MooseJaw owes any of you money... sorry.

NFL Draft - Alright so we talked a lot about the NFL Draft. Who the Seahawks were going after, how this affects the Spokane Shock and Toby's man crush on Jake Locker.

4-22-10 - Ryan Rigmaiden - Spokane Shock - Ryan gives us great insight on the talent the Seahawks got, and how he approaches draft day as the director of player personnel for the Spokane Shock.

4-21-10 - Doug Farrar - - Draft coverage galore, we weren't kidding when we said we were going all out on this stuff.

4-20-10 - Brian McIntyre -

4-19-10 - Rob Rang - CBS Sports

Seattle Sounders FC -
While we're probably the only radio station on the east side of the state that talks about the Sounders, it's interesting stuff. Have a listen. And scarves up.

4-20-10 - Matt Gashk - Seattle Sounders FC - Matt also let us know how much he likes Iron Man 2, since it allows him to take his kids to a PG-13 movie instead of something with a furry dinosaur.

Seattle Mariners - Okay so they got swept this weekend, but who wouldn't want to listen to the genius that is Dave Cameron of USS

4-19-10 - Dave Cameron - USS Mariner

Alright that's what we have for last week. Be sure to listen in today at 4 pm.

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