Monday, April 5, 2010

Duke-Butler Game Blog

It's National Championship time! The up-and-coming Butler Bulldogs are facing the powerhouse Duke Blue Devils at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of 70,000 fans.

I'm not there, but I do have a high-def TV and a laptop. Click "Read More" to see my live game blog.

6:13 - The sentiment here at the Hansen Complex of Sports is that Duke should suffer a horrible, painful death.

6:19 - Matt Howard is channeling his inner Adam Morrison.

6:23 - Apparently Bill Simmons is trying for the reverse jinx of Duke on Twitter.

Also tonight: Coach K rightly takes his place as 2nd best college hoops coach ever behind Wooden. The man is money in big games. Book it.

In all seriousness, Duke -360 is the lock of the year tonight. There is absolutely no way they can lose. I've never felt better about a bet.

I'm betting on Duke, I have a Duke avatar... How else can I jinx them? Any suggestions? I should have written a pro-Duke column today.

6:25 - And we're off!

6:27 - 6-1 Duke ... And the Blue Devils are off! Hey Butler, a little nervous?

6:30 - Friend Shane questions the sobriety of parents that would name their kid "Shelvin."

6:34 - Well if I find a photo of a Blue Devil, I'll post it too. This dog is rolling. 

6:40 - The White Guy-ness of this game is quite humorous.

6:44 - So Butler is apparently the smallest school to make the nat champ game since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in the 1980s. The next one to make a nat. champ game? Probably the college for kids that Shawn Kemp fathered.

6:46 - Been a good game so far. All tied up at 18. However, why is Coach K sitting on a bar stool?

6:48 - A travel call on Duke? What the hell is happening to the world these days?

6:49 - I'm shocked how much the Cameron Crazies look like they belong on "Harry Potter"

7:00 - Switched over to the Mariners game during the break. Oakland's stadium is hopping and by hopping I mean there are three people there.

7:07 - Twitter from Darryl Tapp
dtapp91 - Butler doin work out there
... unlike the Seattle Seahawks last year. 

7:09 - By the way, here is Matt Howard's photo from Butler's website. Wee bit different looking. 

7:12 - Halftime Ladies and Gents. Good game so far. 

7:17 - So we're switching to the Mariners game for halftime! First comment from my friend Dylan "Can we start calling Griffey... AARP Junior?"

7:28 - Glad MLB umps are going by kickball rules this year. 

7:32 - To break up this baseball action, this photo is for your enjoyment. 

7:33 - And we're back to the National Championship! 

7:36 - Since when is Omar Samhan the most beloved man in Oakland?
OmarSamhan - Throwing out the 1st pitch at the A's game

7:44 - Goaltending rules do not apply to Duke. 

7:47 - How many faces can Coack K make that are comical.  

7:51 - When Butler has more tattoos than you.... you have a problem, Duke. 

7:51 - Blocking rules don't apply to Duke. 

8:00 - F-bomb! Take that FCC! 

8:01 - When is Shooter going to run out on the court drunk and demand the refs make better calls. This is supposed to parallel Hoosiers right? 

8:22 - Is anyone else really annoyed by these long timeouts? And CBS missing that bucket?

8:27 - And the crowd is on i's feet, 70,000 people need to go crazy. 

8:28 - One point game, this is happening, folks. 

8:29 - I got a feeling. 

8:35 - And we're off to free throws. 

8:37 - What an ending, but damn. F-Duke.

8:38 - That footage of Cameron Indoor Stadium wasn't people from Duke watching the game. It was a Star Trek convention. I'm mad. 

8:41 - Alright, I'm done. Time to watch the Mariners beat a AAA team. 

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