Monday, April 5, 2010

Mariners payroll concerns

Here is an interesting blog post from Geoff Baker who points out that the Mariners have actually dropped their payroll, while seemingly more of a contender. So why didn't they spend the money they saved on a big bat or strengthened their pitching staff somehow.

Folks have quibbled before about the difference between USA Today's accounting and what teams actually account for. But I will say, I've rarely seen anyone claim a 10 percent or more disparity in what the numbers say. And right now, USA Today is saying the M's payroll for Opening Day has dropped significantly from what it was a year ago -- from what they say was $98.9 million on opening day of 2009 to $86.5 million as of right now.

If you don't care, you don't care.

But if you're wondering why the M's haven't done more to bolster their chances of contending in 2010, you might find these numbers interesting

I personally would be happy that the team cut payroll and got better, but apparently Geoff Baker thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, the Red Sox have the most expensive fifth starting pitcher in baseball...

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