Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orangutans will soon be sponsored by Tap-out

Look out UFC! I think you might have a competitor.

It's a fight club for orangutans.

A safari theme park in Thailand has become a macabre tourist attraction for its orangutan kick boxing matches - complete with simian "round card girls."

Safari World, on the outside of Bangkok, has been drawing huge crowds that cheer orangutans forced to wear boxing gloves and trained to trade punches and spin kicks.

As the heavyweights of the jungle duke it out, female orangutans parade around in bikinis displaying the round number.

After the 30-minute shows, the orangutans are returned to their dark, dingy charges, according to an investigative report.

Other than the rather obvious animal rights concerns, is anyone concerned that they have orangutan ring girls? Isn't that a bit weird? Just saying.

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