Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4-12 Show Recap

It was our first show in the new time slot, and MooseJaw wasted no time making fun of PMS - the Fox Sports Radio Show that originally occupied the time slot. That was followed by our out-of-the-gate giveaway, so make sure you tune in at 4pm everyday to get the chance to win some free stuff!

Then with Toby, Big Marc and MooseJaw in studio, they immediatly started argueing about the Seattle Mariners, who are not exactly leaping out of the gate so far. But it was Opening Day and we called Bob Castle, who was live from Safeco Field while the game was going on.

Toby also made a point of ripping Nate, who just so happens to be the commissioner of our fantasy baseball league. Who he really should have ripped was Big Marc who apparently let the S-word out of his mouth on the air - thank god for the seven second delay.

Drayson Bowman of the Carolina Hurricanes and former Spokane Chief joined us. You can listen to that interview here.

Big Mark again stepped on his words, calling out the Red Sox poor performance at Target Field - the Minnesota Twins' new digs. That didn't go over well with Brandon. Then MooseJaw got some food, and left the studio almost immediatly to eat it.

We briefly touched on Tiger Woods cursing, which you can see here.

Rob Rang from NFLDraftScout.com and CBSSports.com joined us to fill us in on who the Seahawks should be taking and how the Draft will develop a week from now. You can hear what he had to say here.

And since the Bigger Dance is going on, Robert Roberts joined us to talk some Babetology. Here's is the audio from his analysis.

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