Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 3 Power Rankings for our fantasy baseball league

We know nobody cares about our show fantasy baseball league, but Nate cares enough about it to come up with power rankings every week. Here they are...

SPOKANE—Two weeks are in the books for the Locker Room Fantasy Baseball League. Each week has brought a couple surprises. For this issue of power rankings, I’ve taken our category totals and put them into a Roto-style scoring (12 points for the most in a category, 1 point for the least, total points over all categories is ranked number one). Here’s how it broke down.

1. What Up—The Commish made a furious comeback last week, down 7-2 most of the week, made it a 5-5 tie by the end of action Sunday night. Ran into the buzzsaw that is Danny’s pitching staff. Tops in batting average, second in saves and strikeouts. Needs more power to sew things up.

2. Bitter Midgets—Bryon sits atop the standings after dismantling Brandon 9-1 last week. Top three in 4 of 5 offensive categories. Tops in runs and RBI. Matches up with Kennan’s Bellator Warriors this week. Favors the bats though, so when he runs into a solid pitching team, it’ll be rough.

3. High ‘n Tight—The league’s best pitching staff. Tops in wins, strikeouts and ERA, also tied for second in WHIP. Couldn’t hold the lead against Nate last week because of a Jose Valverde save on Sunday. Inverse of Bryon, needs more sticks.

4. LockerRoom Ballers—The Host with the most. Every week I’m proven wrong on his pitching staff. Still buoyed by Jeremy Affeldt’s opening week vulture wins, Toby is tops in WHIP, second in ERA and wins. Took down Moose Jaw last week, gets to feast on Brandon this week.

5. Bellator Warriors—Solid across the board. Improvements in batting average and saves could really bring the stock up for this team. Tough task this week with Bryon though. Going to have to do some waiver wire matchup to have a chance.

6. That’s What She Said—Last week’s number 1 ranked team crashed back to Earth to the tune of an 8-2 shalacking at the hands of Collin “Don’t call me” French. Batting average was abysmal—below the Mendoza line. Gut check time, gotta see which week was the rule and which was the exception.

7. Rat Finks—One of the weakest pitching staffs in the league. Bottom four in 3 of 5 categories. More steals could make Scott a spoiler down the stretch as he’s just competitive enough in the hitting categories to give some teams fits.

8. MooseJaw—Top two in runs and homers. Bottom half in the other 8 categories. Last in wins, tied for last in saves. Lost to Toby last week and gets the Commish this week.

9. Beasts of the East—Steals is the only thing keeping him from the bottom. Last in runs, homers and RBI but tops in steals. Middle of the road in saves, ERA and WHIP, that could keep him from getting blown out every week.

10. The El Guapos—Power keeps him from the bottom. Hits for a solid average. Last or tied for last in ERA, saves and WHIP.

11. Westside Whinos—Again, Curt managed to win with inferior talent. Last in ERA, second to last in runs, third from the bottom in RBI. We’ll see if the much-heralded Mr. Black can continue to work some magic. Only one team has made more transactions—and Bryon sits atop the standings.

12. loadedWthebasesempty—Even after winning 8-2, and sitting in second place, it’s hard to get excited about this team. Bottom of the barrel in steals, tied for last in WHIP, third from the bottom in homers, wins and ERA. Hits for a good average though.

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