Monday, June 7, 2010

Schools the Pac-10 should think about getting for expansion

Before the Pac-10 becomes the Pac-39, here are some schools there should look at.

WSU - they're not in the league right now are they? Oh they are? Oops.

School of Hard Knocks - Their mascot, the high school dropout, is pretty cool.

Some Canadian school - that would make the Pac-10 competitive in Hockey. We're not being stereotypical are we?

Duke University - That way they could smell their own farts with the academics at Cal and Stanford.

The School for the Blind - This is where you could get all the Pac-10 refs!

Tim Tebow University - Formerly known as the University of Florida.

Seattle Seahawks - Come on, coached by Pete Carroll, a roster of good college players, they might even go to a bowl game.

1 comment:

  1. Not funny.

    Again WSU just returned from a trip to the NCAA baseball playoffs-- and they are the only FBS football team within 300 miles of you!

    Only UofA and OSU don't have hockey

    Stanford ranks ahead of Duke... and Duke just barely ranks ahead of Cal in academics.