Thursday, April 1, 2010

4-1-10 Show Recap

Last night's 5-4 defeat at the hands of Portland was a rough loss for the Spokane Chiefs. Partly because it knocked them out of the playoffs and partly because Spokane originally had a 2-0 lead on the WinterHawks in the series.

We were able to talk to Chiefs head coach Hardy Sauter about the game on Wednesday night, you can listen to the audio of that interview here.

With baseball season quickly approaching, we started our divisional preview by talking to Jame Lee of about the Oakland Athletics. You can listen to that interview here.

You can also follow her on twitter here.

The Spokane Shock also kick off their season this Friday at 8 p.m. against the Milwaukee Iron. Quarterback Kyle Rowley was nice enough to talk to us about the upcoming game and what to expect this year. Click here to hear what he had to say.

Craig West was able to see the Chiefs game last night and he voiced his opinion on the show (like he always does). You can listen to his thoughts here.

And we crowned a winner of our Media Madness bracket. Here is our winner...

That's right, Sean Widmer is the most powerful media member in Spokane, Wash. How about that? We're probably going to get him a trophy of some sort. We might even engrave his name into it. If you want to follow Sean on Twitter, here it is.

And the man has an acceptance speech. Buckle up.

Dearest locker room,

Good to know it's still MY station

In the words of grant Gibbs: humanity does not ask us to be happy, it

merely asks us to be brilliant on it's behalf. I was brilliant all
over your faces

Moose jaw, you're still single. Go figure

Toby, I'm glad you're drunk for me right now

Brandon, go eags

Danny, I want to eat your children

World champion. World f-ing champion


There you go, he's the champ. Watch out though, if he ends up driving his Honda Civic into a fire hydrant and tree on Hoopfest Eve after getting chased down the street by Swoop The Eagle... we might have issues.


  1. Worst news I've read on this blog. Maybe you can name the trophy after him and ban him from competing ever again.

    the newly minted Sean Slim Widmer Trophy needs to go to anyone but Slim in the 2011 Media Madness

  2. Hey Curt!! How are Danny's balls tasting these days?

  3. I don't understand the question?