Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm going to side with Milton Bradley, landlords are dicks

We all know that landlords are dicks. Espicially the landlords of professional athletes. Ask Milton Bradley, his former LL from Chicago is raising all sorts of hell.

Kotsiopoulos alleged Bradley had caused $13,900 in damages to the condo before he split. The suit contended he left red paint on white silk draperies, water rings and wine stains on an ebony zebra wood credenza, food and juice stains on a silk velvet ottoman, and a five-foot coffee splattering on the master bedroom carpet.

"I viewed the apartment today," Kotsiopoulos said Wednesday in a phone interview. "I saw the damage he had left first-hand and it is real damage." 

I understand that is some damage but since when do stains amount to $14,000? It's called a carpet cleaner dingbat. Something tells me that he's inflating costs - that and he didn't return to Bradley his $30,000 damage deposit.

What a dick.

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